What is Novo Renew?

Runners Nutrition introduces Novo Renew, a designer supplement that calms inflammation, and soothes and comforts sore joints. With its formula of eight natural ingredients, Novo restores, renews and rejuvenates tendons, muscles and the connective tissues that are worn down and damaged through running.

Why Novo Renew?

Too many runners take NSAID anti-inflammatories like aspirin and ibuprofen to fight inflammation, even though research shows that their overuse can result in side effects that cause kidney and stomach issues. Side effects that are so serious every NSAID has an FDA Black Box Warning, which is the strictest alert given to consumers on prescription drugs or drug products.

Novo is different. It calms inflammation and gets inflamed areas to a repair state. It helps with maintenance of joint tissues and gives your body the building blocks it needs to begin restoration. Finally, Novo helps your immune system modulate by helping your body eliminate metabolic waste. And it does all this naturally.

You run to feel alive, to connect with nature and self as you attain a sense of your own freedom.

Run joyfully. Then recover naturally with Novo Renew.

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What it would cost you for each ingredient

How Novo saves you money

The Novo Renew formula includes the right amount of each of our eight natural ingredients so they work together soothing and comforting your sore joints. Novo uses the latest nutraceutical science to create the ideal balance for you — at the best price possible.

Ingredient Quantity Cost
Collagen UC-II 60 capsules $22
Boswellia Serrata 60 capsules $16
Vitamin D 60 capsules $4
Bromelain 60 capsules 16
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 60 capsules $8
Fruitex B (calcium fructoborate) 60 capsules $12
Rutin 60 capsules $12
Trypsin 60 capsules $18
Total $108

(The prices above represent an average price for each of these natural supplements. There may be slightly cheaper options – and there are also much more expensive options – for each.)

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