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What is a Novo Renew?

Novo Renew is an all-natural joint health supplement specially designed for runners and active athletes. It’s 8 ingredients reduce inflammation, repair damaged tissue, and remove metabolic toxins. It’s a great, natural remedy for your friends and followers who struggle with joint pain.

A knee saver!

For as much as I run Novo has been a life saver! Well, knee saver! I highly recommend it for any runner! Treat your knees like royalty!


A great supplement

Age is starting to catch up to me and as I get back in shape, my knees have felt the pain. Novo Renew has been a great supplement to help me be able to run on a daily basis and recover from the knee pain.

KURT B. | AGE 48

Oh my gosh. I can train again!

I feel like Novo really helped the arthritis in my toe. I was able to increase my running mileage without significant pain.


What is a Novo Renew Brand Ambassador?

It is our affiliate program for runners and active athletes just like you — whether you are a professional Instagrammer or Tweeter, a running enthusiast or athlete, a really big fan of Novo Renew or entrepreneurial-spirited looking to make extra income.

You help us promote Novo Renew to other runners and active athletes and in exchange you get a commission on every order. We’ll also provide discounts and perks for you to offer your friends and followers. We think it is a win-win.

What do you get?

We will provide you with a unique link you can share with your friends and followers. All orders that come from your unique link will earn you a 20% commission. We will also provide you with a unique coupon code, which will give your friends and followers a 25% discount with free shipping. We will also provide free content for your blog or website. And we’ll be here to support you when you need us.

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up and we will create a unique affiliate link and coupon code for you.

Step 2

Use your imagination to post photos, reviews, videos or whatever content you choose.

Step 3

Post your unique link and coupon code to your blog, website or social media.

Step 4

Receive 20% commission on the total purchase amount of any order that uses your link or coupon code.

Step 5

Commissions are paid-out weekly through PayPal.

Easy as that.

Ready to earn some extra cash?

Join Novo Renew today.

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