Many of Novo Renew’s eight, natural ingredients are sold individually. Some are even mixed with one or two other supplements to create a solution that supports joint health. So many people ask us, “Why does Novo Renew use so many ingredients?”

Novo’s approach to good joint health is more far-reaching than other solutions. As nutraceutical science continues to make advancements, we learn more about the interaction between different elements on the cellular level. With Novo Renew, we’ve put together an eight-ingredient formula where all of the ingredients work in unison soothing and comforting sore joints. More importantly, this special blend of natural, restorative ingredients does even more for your joints.

Inflammation Modulation

Novo Renew calms inflammation and gets inflamed areas to a repair state. Helping healthy people maintain a normal, balanced inflammatory response is the key to long term joint health. Novo uses 5-Loxin Boswellia Extract and Fruitex-B (calcium fructoborate) as the central ingredients in modulating inflamed joints.

Joint & Soft Tissue Protection and Maintenance

Novo Renew also helps with the maintenance of joint tissues. When inflammation occurs, your body wants to repair the damaged cells. Novo gives your body the building blocks it needs to begin that restoration, which improves mobility, flexibility and range of motion. Then, as cells are rebuilt, they’re also protected so they don’t break down as quickly. MSM, UC-II Type 2 undernatured collagen and Vitamin D are those building blocks and combine together to maintain and protect the soft tissue in your joints.

Immune Modulation

Novo Renew helps your immune system modulate. As you work out, your body generates toxins and pollutants – metabolic waste. This creates havoc in your system. The result is you’re tired and have less stamina. Your cells are stressed, and your body responds by feeling achy. Novo antioxidant properties pair an electron with a free radical allowing your body to flush the metabolic waste out of your system. Bromelain, Trypsin and Rutin are the ingredients that unitedly help modulate your immune system.

Developed using the very latest nutraceutical advances, Novo Renew creates an ideal balance for better joint health. By calming inflammation, helping your body repair damaged tissues and eliminating metabolic waste, Novo’s eight, great natural ingredients help you feel renewed energy and allow your body to repair without interference. Find out what Novo’s revitalizing ingredients can do for you.

Run joyfully. Recover naturally.