Helping healthy people maintain a normal, balanced inflammatory response is the key to long term joint health. Novo uses a unique blend of eight natural ingredients to help soothe and comfort those over-worked joints. If you aren’t using Novo Renew, here are ten reasons you should start.

1. You know you take too much ibuprofen

NSAIDs, like ibuprofen, actually block chemicals that enhance your normal inflammatory response — and that normal response helps you heal. That chemical blockage is why NSAID’s side effects include indigestion, ulcers and kidney issues. Novo Renew uses eight natural ingredients that work to support the body’s normal inflammation response.

2. Bone boost

As part of Novo Renews’s unique formula, FruiteX-B, a special form of boron, helps calcium integrate into the cartilage and bones, thereby making them stronger. Plus, in studies boron has been shown to help prevent osteoporosis.

3. Faster recovery!

Inflammation occurs because your body wants to repair damaged cells. Novo Renew gives your body the building blocks it needs to begin restoration. As cells are rebuilt, they’re also protected so they don’t break down as quickly.

4. An added ray of sunshine

Most of us don’t get enough vitamin D from exposure to the sun alone — and research shows that raising low vitamin D levels can provide relief in patients with knee and hip pain. A crucial nutrient for strong bones, vitamin D also plays a significant role in your joint health, which is why it is one of Novo Renew’s eight, great ingredients.

5. Flexibility

By giving your body building-blocks to begin restoring damaged tissue in your joints, Novo Renew improves your mobility, flexibility and range of motion.

6. Cleansing antioxidants

Novo Renew helps your immune system modulate. As you work out, your body generates metabolic waste, which stresses your cells. Novo pairs an electron with an antioxidant allowing your body to flush the free radicals that are a result of metabolic waste out of your system.

7. Holistic healing

Novo Renew’s comforting blend uses a unique formula of eight natural ingredients — so you don’t have to worry about the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Novo helps your joints recover naturally from those long runs or strenuous workouts you love.

8. Collagen!

Collagen products are extremely popular as skin care products, anti-wrinkle creams, and even hair products. And, extensive research and clinical studies have shown Novo Renew’s UC-II undenatured Type 2 collagen to be effective in supporting joint health and easing the discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.

9. Tried and true remedies

Over the last 100 years scientists have continued to rediscover that many ancient cures are still valuable today. Novo Renew blends eight, natural ingredients from around the world to help rebuild tissue and soothe sore joints — some which have been used for centuries by different cultures to treat inflammation.

10. You have sore joints

Knee pain is the most common complaint from athletes. But Novo Renew can also help with back pain, ankle or elbow pain, or anywhere you feel joint pain. Novo serves multiple functions as it soothes and comforts while helping with the maintenance of joint tissues.


With its eight, restorative, natural ingredients, Novo Renew is safe and effective. Try our unique joint comfort blend and let it soothe and calm your sore joints as it gets inflammation to a natural repair state.