Let’s start with this. The immune systems of women are generally more robust than men. Women tend to fight infections better and in the end they generally outlive men – and have healthier lives along the way. Men are five times more likely to have aortic aneurysms; four times more likely to suffer from gout; three times more likely to develop kidney stones and bladder cancer; twice as likely to suffer from emphysema.1

Hopefully this balances the scales a bit because, unfortunately, when it comes to joint pain women have more problems than men. Three times as many women have rheumatoid arthritis.2 And lupus, an autoimmune condition that affects many organs, including the joints, affects nine times as many women.

Women and Joint Pain

Let’s try another yin and yang of this Venus/Mars comparison to explain why women may have more joint pain than men – particularly knee pain. Here are four potential reasons:

1. Women are more limber and generally have much better ligament mobility than men. This gives them greater joint movement increasing the risk for joint pain – plus, it makes them more susceptible to injuries to the ligaments holding the knee together.

2. Women have a proportionately wider pelvis than men. So their thigh bones angle in more sharply from hip to knee. This creates alignment problems with the kneecap causing greater stress and instability in a woman’s knee.

3. The ligaments in women tend to be more lax than men’s ligaments which causes more ACL issues (women athletes are aware of potential ACL problems since those injuries are far too common).

All these reasons result in anterior knee pain in women.

4. Decreased estrogen levels cause the cartilage to have less cushioning and weaken bones as well. Since women lose estrogen during their menstrual cycle and at menopause, this contributes to bone loss and both the risk for injury and osteoporosis.

Follow This Advice

Be sure you’re doing all you can to take care of your joints. Moderate exercise improves your overall health and actually builds your immune responses, including the healing response to normal inflammation.

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