“Oh, my aching ________!” How do you fill in the blank? Is it your back that aches? Do you have ankle pain? Are your knees stiff and sore? How about your fingers or hands? Hopefully you see the connection – every one of these “Oh my aching” things are caused by inflammation and pain in a joint.

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that one-third of Americans suffer from joint pain, the leading cause being arthritis.1 But there are many other painful joint conditions that people struggle with.


Osteoarthritis affects over 27 million people and occurs when cartilage that protect your joints break down. When this happens, your bones start to rub directly against each other. That causes inflammation and pain. There are two leading factors for getting osteoarthritis – being overweight and overusing a joint from playing a sport for many years.


Sore backs are a very common joint ailment that we humans suffer at some point in our lifetimes. In fact, by age 50, nine out of ten Americans have experienced back pain.2

Many spinal problems are very serious, like a herniated or ruptured disc. This injury puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, which results in intense pain. But many back problems are caused by little things we do every day. Sitting on thick wallets. Carrying heavy bags. Driving for long periods of time. Lifting heavy objects without the right back support. Even sitting at a desk for too many hours. All of these things can result in a painfully sore back.

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is a common complaint for runners and others. While it’s called runner’s knee, this type of knee pain can affect anyone who regularly does exercises that involve bending the knee – like aerobics, hiking, cycling or skiing.

When runner’s knee occurs the kneecap (patella) becomes irritated where it meets the thigh bone. Some people feel a sharp pain and others a dull ache which is intensified when exercising.

Here’s What You Can Do

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Take two Novo Renew capsules a day with food to repair swollen and damaged tissue; maintain your bone health; and give you renewed energy as your body recovers.

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