I’m a runner.

I know. That doesn’t tell you much as “I’m a runner” usually needs some definition.

About 15 years ago I started running fairly consistently and I’ve kept it up since then. I started running to control my weight and to make sure my heart beat is strong (nothing world shattering). But I’ve kept it up because running has changed me. Now, I love the solitude, I love getting away from the rush of life to let my mind wander … and to make sure my heart beat is strong.

When I started, I ran on streets. My knees soon rebelled. So each night I took ibuprofen, knowing taking too much wasn’t healthy. But I kept up a regular running and ibuprofen routine until I determined that I needed to find something more natural as a solution.

I started researching – runners magazines, online searches. I iced, I tried turmeric, stuff that was glucosamine based, I drank ginger teas. I tried to convince myself that somehow these were helping. But my knees told me differently. So I headed for the hills and running on trails was much better for me, but it didn’t completely solve the problem.

A couple of years ago I began wondering why there wasn’t a good solution that combined many of the joint health ingredients that appeared in so many articles – Boswellia Serrata, Collagen, Vitamin D, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), Bromelain.

Then I had an opportunity to ask a nutraceutical chemist (who had spent 30 years in the field) what he would put into a supplement to give me better joint health. His response was, “How much do you want it to cost?” I guess I didn’t realize the cost of the ingredients made such a difference (the better ingredients are expensive and combining several adds up). Me, I just wanted a solution. I didn’t want to cut any corners. I wanted something that worked for me.

He had an answer using the latest nutraceutical science – and I had an interesting formula in my hand.

I had a trial batch of the formula made up and tested it. My wife was anxious to see what it could do for a backache she gets from her job. Dancers tested it; women who did aerobics daily; some friends who do cross-fit. And of course, runners. My wife and I both noticed a big difference. It strengthened my knees, soothed the aches and even added flexibility in the morning when I’m usually really stiff. My wife’s backache went away. Many of the others who tested told me amazing things about how well it worked for them.

Now I love it and I take my two Novo Renew capsules every day. I get even more pleasure running because I don’t suffer the day after. If you have sore joints (no matter how you get them), give Novo Renew a try. I believe you’ll feel a difference, just like I have.

Run joyfully. Recover naturally.