You may not break any records (besides personal ones), or compete for national titles, but you’re physically active and you push yourself hard. That means you strain and stress your joints and muscles. And your body lets you know it with aches and pains all athletes feel. Here are 5 things you can to do soothe the suffering.

Tip #1: Heat or Ice?

When do you apply heat, or ice? Let’s settle it once and for all. Ice is for acute injuries. That’s when you want to constrict blood flow and reduce inflammation. Ice for bruising and discomfort.

Heat increases blood flow, which can help the healing process. Try heat 20 to 30 minutes several times a day for muscle and joint pain – don’t over-do the amount of heat you apply at one time.

Tip #2: Take an Epsom Salt Bath

Old folk remedy? Or serious pain relief? Try soaking in an Epsom Salt bath at least once and see what you think. You’ll find Epsom Salt at your local drugstore usually between the aspirin and laxatives.

Add one or two cups while running your bath to help the salts break down. The theory is the magnesium and sulfate in the salt soak into your skin and help relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. Looking for medical proof. You won’t find it. But people have been going to the natural springs in Epsom, England since the 1600’s. And I sure find it soothing.

Tip #3: Move

When you’re stiff or achy, it’s normal to try and stay still to protect the area that’s sore. But inactivity leads to further muscle tightness. Moving and stretching stimulates circulation and keeps muscles mobile and strong. Even a light workout can produce endorphins and hormones, which are your body’s version of pain killers.

Tip #4: Eat Anti-inflammatory Foods

Eating healthy isn’t just an anti-inflammatory tip. But a diet made up of more natural, plant-based foods is both healthy and can also help lower inflammation. Foods like fruits, vegetables and leafy greens are high in antioxidants and help eliminate free radicals and toxins from inflamed areas. Foods high in omega-3 acids such as cherries, asparagus and soy products can also help ease inflammation.

Tip #5: Breathe Deeply

Meditation makes a lot of lists, but where do you start? Try breathing deeply. Focus on breathing in slowly … hold the breath for a few seconds … and slowly breathe out. The deep breathing feeds your organs oxygen, which aids internal health. And when your body and muscles are deeply relaxed, aches and pain are not as intense. Deep breathing is a good first step on the path to other meditation techniques.

Bonus Tip: Take Novo Renew

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