If you let your mind wander back to imagine how ancient healers treated illnesses, what comes to your mind: a stewing pot full of herbs … with a bat wing or a mouse ear thrown in for good measure? I’m kidding of course, I actually want to give ancient healers the credit they’re due. But I’ll admit some of their superstitious practices not only seem strange, they seem down-right creepy!

However, over the last hundred years we’ve continued to rediscover many ancient cures that are proving to be valuable today. Doctors now even use blood-sucking leeches for modern healing techniques — they help restore circulation in blocked blood veins. I know — leeches. It just seems kind of crazy!

Holistic Healing

There was a common thread that ran through many ancient cultures. Most believed good health was based on individuals achieving a balance between body, mind and spirit. So healing methods were designed to treat all three. Remedies consisted of special herbal formulas combined with meditative and/or religious ceremonies. Holistic healing brought harmony by aligning the nature/spirit interrelationship.

Here are just a few popular herbal remedies we’ve borrowed from our ancestors that you should know:

Maca is from the Andes Mountains of South America. Incredibly rich in the essential amino acids that build muscle, it is widely used by bodybuilders.

Ginger was used in ancient China, India and even by the Romans. It helps reduce gas while relaxing and soothing the stomach. The last time you had the stomach flu did you go get some Ginger Ale to help you recover? I always do.

Chamomile came from central Europe and is now used throughout the world to calm stress and anxiety. The leaves and flowers are ground into a tea, which is a great sleep aid and can help treat nausea too.

Matcha is a finely ground premium green tea powder Buddhist monks used to improve their meditation. It continues to work for people who use it to improve their focus.

Aloe is a cactus-like plant the ancient Ayurveda healers in India used to treat skin conditions and wounds. Today aloe is used in so many products that the manufacturing of its extracts is one of the largest botanical industries in the world.

When we began developing Novo Renew, we also relied on ancient healers. That’s why we’ve blended eight, natural ingredients from around the world that were used by different cultures to treat inflammation. Novo rebuilds tissue and soothes sore joints, and many of its healing ingredients have been used by our ancestors for centuries to calm inflammation.

If you are looking for a natural alternative (and trust the wisdom of our ancestors) to help comfort your joints, give Novo Renew a try.