Maybe it’s because its name seems so scientific – nutraceuticals – that it doesn’t sound like it’s a name for foods used for their health benefits. It’s actually a hybrid word that combines “nutrition” and “ceutical” (products designed to work in or on the body). Maybe “natural-ceuticals” would work, but either way, these products help promote natural ways to improve or restore your body’s health.

Nutraceuticals come from all kinds of food sources including plant, marine, animal and microbial – and also from whole foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and the nutrients found in the skin of many fruits and vegetables. Nutraceuticals provide basic nutritional food value and add extra health benefits.

Big Money Pharma vs Natural Remedies

Hippocrates said something in 460 BC that we seem to be rediscovering in the 21st century, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Scientific research continues to provide pharmaceutical advances for treating heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis and many other maladies – which greatly improves our lives! But the costs associated with many modern treatments also continue to rise. And, because of the profits research and patents generate for big pharma, it seems research for cheaper, natural remedies is often pushed aside.

To many people, the high cost of pharma solutions is frustrating (or budget-breaking). So they begin looking for healthy substitutes. After some trial and error, they pass the word about a good nutraceutical they’ve discovered. This has created a snowball effect with more and more people seeking natural alternatives to help alleviate the health challenges they face. And the market for nutraceuticals is booming largely through individual experimentation and word of mouth. In fact, today people rely on nutraceuticals to improve their health, prevent chronic diseases, postpone the aging process, or just help support the body’s functions.

How is Food Medicine?

Keep in mind the basis for medicine started through our ancestor’s own trial and error as they used the plants that grew near them to survive – both as nourishment and for healing. And actually, we aren’t as removed from ancient herbal remedies as you might think. Today over 50% of the drugs in clinical use contain natural products – or are based on their derivatives (which are synthesized from plant compounds).2

While the ancients understood the healing properties of plants, they were isolated to whatever part of the world they lived. This meant they could only use what grew near them. Today we’re able to make new combinations through molecular technology, which increases their effectiveness and healing powers.

The Most Recent Advances

Using the latest nutraceutical science, Novo Renew blends eight different natural ingredients to create a joint health supplement that’s soothing effects are far greater than each of its individual parts.

In Novo you’ll find Boswellia, also called Indian Frankincense, which was used as an effective anti-inflammatory in Asian and African folk medicine. FruiteX-B, calcium fructoborate, which puts boron, essential for healthy bones, into your system. Bromelain, the pineapple extract, an anti-inflammatory used by indigenous people in the Americas. Plus, Novo uses five other natural ingredients that combine to restore joint tissue, remove metabolic waste and soothe sore joints.

If you’re tired of worrying about the side effects of pharma’s anti-inflammatory solutions like ibuprofen, and you’re looking for a natural alternative to comfort your sore joints, give Novo Renew a try – and then pass the word.