Before I explain why we created Novo Renew, I want you to think about something: why
do you run or exercise so hard that you’re exhausted, your muscles ache, your joints are
stressed and inflamed, and often a physical tiredness sets in that saps you completely of
your strength?

Your answer is probably much different, but I can answer that question for myself. So let
me tell you why I do it (and actually enjoy doing it).

Why I Run

I’ve been running fairly consistently for over 15 years. After a few years I found trail
running and that discovery really changed me. I love the solitude (and I usually just hike
and run by myself). I love being out alone in nature. I have a favorite hike that takes me
about three miles up a mountain canyon. When I run back down there’s a portion of the
trail where I am surrounded by pine trees, my feet landing quietly on the soft pine
needles, the silence surrounding me … and sometimes I feel transported to a more
primitive time. I can feel it through my body, sense it really, the reflexes of some distant
ancestor that relied on his physical being to live. That may sound a little silly, but I relish
those moments when I feel removed from the complications of the modern world and
connected to something more ancient in my physical nature.

Why Do You Run?

Runners enjoy telling others why they run. It’s something intensely personal that has
become deeply ingrained in the fabric of their life. It’s why they put up with (and even
enjoy) the aches and pains that come after a hard workout. Does one of these describe

– Running makes me feel empowered
– I love the euphoria of the “runner’s high”
– I get satisfaction from setting a personal goal and conquering it
– It’s the only time I disconnect
– Running is my stress relief where I can curse, swear and blow off steam
– I run so I don’t need a therapist
– Life is better and even food tastes better on the days I run
– It makes me aware of my physical body – my lungs, my muscles, my heart thumping in
my chest
– Running lets me experience nature

So Why Novo Renew?

Moderate exercise improves your overall health and actually builds your immune
responses. Moderate exercise is great for you but ratcheting it up several notches to
prolonged high-intensity training stresses your nervous system, damages muscles, puts
stress on nerves, depresses immune response, triggers inflammation and causes aches
and pain.

So many runners pop aspirin or ibuprofen for the inflammation and pain. And since
most runners are health conscious (if not health crazy), they know what they’re doing is
bad for them.

Novo Renew actually serves multiple functions. It soothes and comforts inflammation,
and gets inflamed areas to a repair state.

It helps with the maintenance of joint tissues. When inflammation occurs, your body
wants to repair the damaged cells. Novo gives your body the building blocks it needs to
begin that restoration. As cells are rebuilt, they’re also protected so they don’t break
down as quickly.

Finally, Novo helps your immune system modulate. As you work out, your body
generates toxins – metabolic waste. This creates havoc in your system. It stresses your
cells and your body responds by feeling achy and has less stamina. Novo’s antioxidants
pairs an electron with a free radical, allowing your body to flush the metabolic waste out
of your system.

And it does this by using a unique blend of eight natural ingredients – so you don’t have
to worry about the side effects of pharmaceuticals. We designed Novo so your joints can
recover naturally from those long runs or strenuous workouts that you love. Run
joyfully, then recover naturally with Novo Renew.