Staying physically active is one key to good health. And walking is simple and can help you live a healthier life – no matter how old you are, or how much you weigh. You’ve probably heard many of the great things about walking: it helps you maintain your weight; it helps you manage things like heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes; it helps you improve your flexibility and coordination.

But there are other reasons you should be walking daily. I’ve come up with 5 surprising arguments for why you should walk.

1. You’ll Live longer

If I told you that walking can add up to seven years to your life,1 would you start walking today? Well, I’m telling you! Research shows that you can add years to your life by exercising daily, including walking. And that’s regardless of your weight.

2. You’ll be Happier

You have a choice. If you’re feeling down, you can go to the doctor and get a prescription to lift your mood – or you can go outside for a walk. Many studies show that walking daily makes you happier and more enthusiastic about the future.2 A prescription on one hand … a brisk walk on the other hand. Seems like an easy choice.

You’ll Increase the Size of Your Brain
You think I’m kidding … walking is really good for your brain. Really good! Studies show it actually helps you increase gray cells. Walking boosts your memory and cognitive skills – it actually lessens the risk of getting cognitive illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.3

3. You’ll Sleep Better

Feeling healthy is closely tied to getting a good night’s sleep. Studies show that people who walk daily sleep longer – and have better quality sleep too.4 So ditch the sleeping pill, get outside for a walk after a long day.

4. You’ll Boost Bone Strength

Oxford University says one way to increase bone density is by doing weight-bearing exercises – running, dancing, walking.5 Are you going to argue with those brainy people at Oxford? These exercises stimulate bone formation and help them retain calcium. Stronger bones help you avoid osteoporosis and even fractures.

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Walk Joyfully – Recover Naturally