Our bodies were designed to run. Through thousands of generations our bodies evolved into amazing running machines. Whether it was to capture food, or to avoid being captured as food, ancient humankind ran — a lot. Modern couch potatoes may be in denial about what’s buried deep inside their DNA, but break them out of their doldrums and one after another is amazed at the healthy, deep-seated sensations they rediscover. Running is a just part of our nature. And it’s good for you — even though it’s tough on the body.

When you run, each footfall impacts your hips, knees, ankles and even your toes. As your foot pounds the ground, the force pressing down through your legs, ankles and feet is equivalent to three times your body weight. As a result, many runners experience aches and pains in their joints. Here are a five things runners can do to keep away joint pain and fatigue.

1. Break it up

If running is your only form of exercise then you’re constantly taxing the same joints. Give them a break from running’s joint-pounding force and swim or cycle once and awhile. Try some exercises that place less stress on your joints but still provide an aerobic workout. Moving your muscles and joints in different ways can also help prevent injury. And if you get really sore after a run, listen to your body and take a break. Your body is really good at signaling you when it needs rest.

2. Run on a good surface

Number one surface rule, don’t run on concrete! If you don’t have much of a choice, choose asphalt. But if you have choices, a soft track is ideal. The new rubberized running tracks are designed to cushion your steps and also provide some spring-back. If you want to time yourself, a track is the place to go. Trail running is both a great get-away and easier on your joints. The solitude of a trail can be transcendent.

3. Get the right shoes

If you love to save money and bargain shop, don’t do it when it comes to running shoes. Today’s athletic shoes are designed for specific sports. Shoes designed for runners provide cushioning for forward motion. Go to a running store and let their specialists analyze your foot and the way it strikes the ground when you run.

4. Some inflammation is good for you

Every workout causes microscopic damage to joint tissues. On the plus side, inflammation is your immune system’s response to tissue damage as it helps the body begin repairing the damaged area and removing toxins. Without inflammation, the area would never heal. The negative is that this healing process produces some pain and stiffness.

5. Take two Novo Renew capsules every day

Taking Novo Renew calms inflammation naturally. When inflammation occurs, your body wants to repair the damaged cells. Novo gives your body the building blocks it needs to begin that restoration.

Novo also helps your immune system modulate. As you work out, your body generates metabolic waste. That stresses your cells and your body responds by feeling achy. Novo pairs an electron with an antioxidant allowing your body to flush the free radicals that are a result of metabolic waste out of your system.

By calming inflammation and eliminating toxins, you feel renewed energy and your body can repair without interference. Run joyfully. Then recover naturally with Novo Renew.