The Science

While moderate exercise improves overall health and immune function, prolonged high-intensity training stresses the nervous system, triggers inflammation, damages muscles, puts pressure on nerves, depresses immune response and causes pain. Active athlete’s may not complain too much about the pain they feel – after all, it’s a regular part of an athlete’s routine – but it’s no surprise they look for other ways to help them recover.

Aspirin and ibuprofen

Most runners and other active athletes take anti-inflammatories like aspirin and ibuprofen. But well-known studies on NSAIDs indicate that they are bad for the kidneys and stomach tissue. And recent research shows that NSAIDs, like aspirin and ibuprofen, may have negative effects on your heart if taken too frequently.

How Novo Renew works

Novo, with its eight, restorative, natural ingredients, is safe and effective while serving multiple functions.

  • Novo helps your body maintain its normal inflammation response.

  • Novo helps with the maintenance of joint tissues. When inflammation occurs, Novo gives your body the building blocks it needs to begin restoring damaged cells, which improves mobility, flexibility and range of motion. Then, as cells are rebuilt, they are also protected so they don’t break down as quickly.

  • Novo helps your immune system modulate. As you work out, your body generates metabolic waste, which stresses cells. You feel achy, more tired and have less stamina as a result. Novo pairs an electron with an antioxidant allowing your body to flush the free radicals that result from metabolic waste out of your system.

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8 natural ingredients

Helping healthy people maintain a normal, balanced inflammatory response is the key to long term joint health.  Novo Renew combines the following eight, natural ingredients to help maintain normal inflammation and immune responses.

What it would cost you for each ingredient

How Novo saves you money

The Novo Renew formula includes the right amount of each of our eight natural ingredients
so they work together soothing and comforting your sore joints. Novo uses the latest
nutraceutical science to create the ideal balance for you – at the best price possible.

Ingredient Quantity Cost
Collagen UC-II 60 capsules $22
Boswellia Serrata 60 capsules $16
Vitamin D 60 capsules $4
Bromelain 60 capsules 16
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 60 capsules $8
Fruitex B (calcium fructoborate) 60 capsules $12
Rutin 60 capsules $12
Trypsin 60 capsules $18
Total $108

(The prices above represent an average price for each of these natural supplements. There may be slightly cheaper options – and there are also much more expensive options – for each.)

Find what Novo can do for you.

Novo (Latin for renew) uses a unique blend of eight natural ingredients to help soothe and comfort those over-worked joints.



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